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Providing innovative and safe products for clients is a top priority for Sosky Solutions.in order to assure product safety,Sosky has designed comprehensive product safety and quality assurance systems that are implemented at every stage of product design,development,manufacturing and distribution.Products designed and produced by Sosky are required to meet not only the safety standards of our clients and applicable country safety regulations but also Sosky’s own safety standard.

All products that are designed and manufactured by Sosky must go through a rigorous safety review process performed by Sosky’s Safety and Quality Assurance Deparment.Quality assurance plans and manufacturing control criteria will be developed for all designs before the start of production.Sosky staff will be present at manufacturing facilities to ensure appropriated quality process control,monitoring,inspection and testing are adhered to during the production,independent third party is often used to certify the total compliance of Sosky’s products with client’s safety standards and country safety regulations.No product shall be shipped without a pass report from a statistical safety inspection and testing.

Sosky’s safe process doesn’t stop at the shipment of products.Our safety dilligence continues in the form of routine monitoring of consumer feedback in their use fo the products,The review and analysis of the feedback will help us to further improve our safety design of our products as well as our safety process in the future.

Total customer satisfaction is essential to the business success of Sosky.Because of that,Sosky is committed to the quality system that will ensure all its products meeting and/or exceeding the quality principles and objectives are communicated and available to our staff as well as our vendors at all times,Training is an integral part of the strategy to achieve the objectives.

To realize the goal of delivering high quality products.Sosky has instituated a quality systm that focused on design for quality and manufacturing for quality.Sosky staff will be responsible for understanding clients requriements,and ensuring that the correct product specifications are defined and manufactuing control procedures are followed to meet those requirements.

Sosky understands that it cann’t achieve the quality goal alone,We have to work together with our vendors in pursuing highest possible quality for our products and in continually striving for improvements in product quality.Most of Sosky’s vendors must have quality systems that are audited,certified and are proven to be effective in achieving the quality level required by our clients

We will constantly review and improve on our quality systme to ensure we achieve the highest product quality in the most cost effective and timely manner for the benefit of all our clients



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